Tuesday, October 10, 2006

back up and double check

Check out this flickr set on the Bonneville salt flats.

We encountered a little heartbreak on our road trip last month. NM stupidly lost a memory card for the camera. So, we lost the first four days of our vacation pictures. The things that happened are in our brains, the landscape, the silly signs, the pictures of the weather station at the top of the Steens in the 25 degree blowing snow.

I wish I could share them with you, but as TH and Mony have stated, what is in embedded in your brain is more important.

We can easily recapture those images. I had some great pictures of the Spiral Jetty, but I guess we'll have to drive back down that hideous gravel road and take them again. My awe at the landscape of the Great Salt Lake, the salt flats and the semi-permanent monuments are still with me.

This last week, I finally downloaded the memory cards, put them on the hard disk of Thor and uploaded most to flickr to edit. It'll take me a while to them up and running. I wasn't too sure if everything was downloaded onto Thor, so when I was in DC last weekend I was hestitant to delete anything. So, I went to motophoto in Dupont and they copied everything off the card in the camera and put it on CD for a whopping six dollars.

I'll do that from now on - insure myself against loss or heartbreak.



jk said...

I often bring a card reader with me, and just import the entire photo file onto my laptop.

nm said...

Great idea, but we didn't bring our laptops on this trip.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Losing photos sucks. I learned the hard way when an unbacked up hard drive crashed and I lost almost two years worth of my travel life. I was incredibly sad. One of the last nice things Fred did was build me a backup drive - so now I will never do that again - if ONLY I remember to use it. Yes, I am a bad scrapbooker girl!

nm said...

Yuppers, you gotta use it. TH bought me a 240 gig for valentine's day last year.

At least it is red.