Tuesday, October 24, 2006

carrot and stick

Boul. Raspail Marche biologique, December 2005.

If you are a basset who loves both sticks and carrots, what do you do? The carrot is supposed to tempt you, but the stick is also tasty. Its a hard thing. Sometimes, you should just pick one, but which one.

I am realizing that in my desire to lose 15 lbs by the end of the year, that I have gained five and it is all in my stomach. My friend S. calls this the Buddah belly. My spring coat is tight and unfortunately, its 68 degrees in Paris. Oh well, they say black is slimming.

So, do I beat myself with the stick for using food as reward or punish myself with carrots for eating too much? I'll tell you after I have a salad for lunch on Friday in Paris and then stop at Laduree for three macarons - citron, framboise and maybe fruits de bois.




jk said...

i truly believe the pounds know when you're thinking about them and stick all the harder.

Mony said...

I agree--forget the beautiful coats that won't button, and get a new size whatever coat immediately. Nothing is worth being cold.

mine came from Talbots, quilted, brown 'the new black' carcoat length chic--has gone a long way to make me okay with that extra 25 I am learning to live with!
For now.

jk said...

agreed. get yourself a coat that fits, and wear it now. Then, get it altered....

Z said...

I'm with them.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Sometimes you can't beat yourself up. I have gained and lost the same ten pounds four times now over the last two years - and every time it has redistributed itself on my body. I'm on a climb cycle again (despite what is now amounting to over 8 hours of cardio a week) but this time it is muscle so my clothes are all fitting better - but I really need to throw the scale OUT the window because its messing with my head.

nm said...

Thanks all. I am going to try getting back into this coat and realize that my winter one (real winter one) is a tad roomier.