Friday, November 11, 2005

kicking and screaming

Still life with birch leaf -October 2005.

I did not want to get up this morning.

However, I decided to skip the gym, run and get some coffee, reload about a boy on the ipod and rake more leaves. Hey mayor, do you think we can get special dispensation during leaf season to put out another four yard waste containers per week during leaf shedding season?

After that, off to the airport, dilletante, bookstore, plane, lounge, plane and Portman Square.

By the way, Dinner at Campagne was not so hot. We felt rushed (drinks were not even done before first course arrived, were not offered coffee at the end, etc...), this happened last time we ate downstairs as well, so as much as I will recommend their soups and desserts, this would not be the place I would consider for an romantic evening -stick to Tulios or Nells for that. I had a salad, the garlic sausage on a bed of potatoes with apples (good) and a quince tart (yum), TH had the squash soup, riz de veax and the hazelnut creme brulee. We didn't even really get to pick a wine, as there weren't a lot of half bottles.


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