Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thankful for ...

Echinacea, October 2005, somewhere near Duvall.

Recently I have been wallowing in self-pity. Its not worth blogging about, but honestly, in the whole timeline of my life, this too shall pass. If you look at my life, I have it wonderful, easy and blessed.

I woke up in my parent's house in one of the most beautiful places in the world. My father dragged me out at the COD to go to the gym, which is our regular ritual and then stopped at Starbuckles (his term) so that I could get a cup of coffee of which he will take a sip of and pronounce that it is bitter. This is coming from a man who drinks strong Iranian tea without sugar! I am greatful that he is healthy, sound and always thinking. Most importantly, he is patient man with his daughter who chose the path of greatest resistance -- and became a scientist instead of the typical corporate lawyer much like most of peeps and is proud of me.

I came home to a house that smelled of ginger and a table that was set for breakfast. My mom has started the "not too complicated" Thanksgiving feast that now has two turkeys and two kinds of stuffing. My mom had a knee replacement this summer and after a few bad weeks is back to her normal busy self. I can call her and know that she will mostly make me smile and that she always has either a recipe or a joke (not all I get), for this I am thankful.

I am thankful that my brother is here and will be the life of the party later, after he plays 18 holes this morning. :)

I am thankful for TH and our relationship, our friends, our home, our life and our ability to laugh at ourselves. I am thankful that we remain sane considering all that we have gone through this year. I am thankful that I can still afford to travel on a whim and visit friends in far places and do it with freedom that comes with having an American passport.

Please spend part of today, be it a moment outside with your dog, a nanosecond before you knock on your host's door or an hour you get to yourself before you are deluged by guests to give thanks.



jk said...

you dc family loves you, too!

I have started the parade of food, and have already made one grocery store run to find something I was sure I'd purchased but couldn't find. Found it 5 minutes after returing home.

Golf on thanksgiving day. It snowed here!

nm said...

Joan, We love you too! Thanks for listening to me beetch and moan over the past few years. I wish I could transport us all to the same place for a crazy thankgiving which would probably find TH and N sitting in the corner curled up on couches reading the papesr while you and I are planning our BF shopping route!

I have been banished to the bedroom to type for my father. I'm waiting for my chance in the kitchen.

Snow, yech. Its sunny and warmish here. :) You are brave to go out today.

jk said...

i have made three trips to the store today.

And can you believe that Bobby called to see if i could go to the movies with them this afternoon? "It's only 90 minutes," he said.

of course, i've spent a half hour on hold with 1800checkin, as i try to check in to the tech center.