Monday, January 29, 2007

if you could spare some

Ernest needs some good vibes.

Turns out his vole breath is caused by excessive stick chewing which has caused a nice deep pocket of ick that requires anesthesia to take xrays, clean out said pocket and while we're at it, clean the rest of his chompers.

So, tomorrow am, we'll be freaking out until he wakes up.

Cross your fingers the root isn't injured or infected. He needs his teeth.

nm and e.dd


Mony said...

I hope Earnest can get some of that nice vallium they hand out for dental work.

Mony said...

Maybe you could get some, too.

jk said...

oh yeah, valium for all. Here's to no root canal.

Z said...

Sounds like YOU need his teeth too. So what's the verdict???