Monday, January 08, 2007

What I had for dinner

Sorry, no pictures.

In my other life I play an harried overweight cranky person (hah, had you fooled) that cares about what she eats. Today I had a great message board exchange about roasted chicken that ended with a recipe and some tips on making the perfect roasted chicken.

We eat roasted chicken once a week. TH likes dark meat, I prefer white. We eat it the first night and then make something with the leftover meat - usually some sort of casserole. The body goes into stock and is seen in a soup or base for chicken pot pie.

Recently my chickens have been a disaster - not very flavorful, too juicy (strange), undercooked or just blah. I started to loathe the idea of that bird for dinner.

My pal, Lili, turned me on to Sunset magazine's roast chicken recipe. This recipe was simple, tasty and everything cooked perfectly. I'm not one for big roasters, since there are only two of us most nights, but honestly, with these results, I'll be reaching for a six pounder next week and trust me, I'll never baste again. We served the chicken with a steamed artichoke and baked delicata squash from the fall harvest. Delicious!

Thanks Lili for the tip. We're on a streak here chez floraandflying, over a week with decent dinners and creative leftovers.



jk said...

i have never found a loser in sunset. yum!

jk said...

i finally read that recipe. I'd been expecting some great breakthrough.....but it's the same way I've been roasting chicken since I could turn on the oven.

I'm torn between being bummed, and being smug.

Z said...

We get ours roasted at Sam's every Friday night. $5 and we have dinner, salads later in the week and soup after we cook the carcass. I definitely say get the roaster. It's well worth it! Anth would be all about that artichoke...not me though :P

nm said...

Be smug.

As for Sams, we don't go to it, but I have heard good things.

TH likes her chickies free range and named, so we go with the froo froo varieties. Cheap at TJ's too.


Z said...

Hmmm...I'll have to check out TJ's. About the only really great thing to come from my three-times-a-month-trip-to-Squirrel-Hill is that TJ's is then 3 minutes away!