Monday, January 22, 2007

redux redux

I have another cold. I can pinpoint the vector. TH has it too.

Neither of us are impressed. I'm just a day behind her in the symptoms and I've already cleared my schedule for tomorrow. I'll probably work from home.

My computer came back from Melbourne with a lovely estate bottled Pinot. I'll probably wait to drink that, but I'm excited get some stuff tested this week.

Other than that, off to check on the perfect roast chicken again.



Mony said...

I certainly hope you guys are feeling better. The flu is on the upswing in the south but as I hardly get out I think I am safe until next month. Let us know how you are faring...

Z said...

I am still out here fighting the good fight to avoid this. I have a weird headache in the back of my head today though. It does not bode well. Anyway, sorry to hear you and TH are under the weather. I have to get you to change your links. I'll email you!