Wednesday, May 23, 2007

having a shirley valentine moment

All this and no miles!

I am going to Greece for my cousin's big fat Iranian/Greek/German wedding and trying to coordinate with my parents who are too tired to deal with thinking about another trip, my cousin and his lovely wife who are flying in from San Francisco and my brother, who is a whirling dervish of activity that is hard to pin down. The wedding is on a Saturday, but the partay starts in Athens a week earlier and wends its way to Thessalonki. Partay all the way baby. Unfortunately for me, I have a half in Philly and I'm not missing that or Morimotos for the world, right the Js?

I can't find an award seat that doesn't have me routed from sea-ord-lhr-ath-skg-ath-lhr-yyc-sea!
Remember, I have status that opens seats for me when there are none and even I'm getting slim pickings. I don't even want to know how much that would cost me in cold hard cash. I have one ticket on american, but my dream would be to board in SEA wake up in LHR, take a nice shower in the lounge and then go off to Greece, but that ain't happening. I am trying all sorts of machinations on this one, all I know is I'm spending three days in Thessaloniki, two days in Athens, two days somewhere else (Rhodes?) and then heading home via London (ugh) unless something else pans out.

Or, maybe Paris, you never know.

I love my cousin, I love all my cousins, I just wish you could be teleported places.


Mony said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip.
But can you possibly get a video iPod?

nm said...

no need for ipodage.

need ambien.

jk said...

ugh, no video ipod. Teeny screen. old eyes need bigger pictures. I'll lend you a small portable dvd player. Or, take your laptop.

j said...


Mony said...

Good idea, jk! the portable dvd player does give a great travel experience.
While I am a big proponent of the ambien travel model, lately I would have to be careful that I didn't add a few more stops to the trip. That stuff works! ;-)

nm said...

Thanks for the offers peeps. I'm either flying BA in Club or F or AA in J, so in any case, no need for entertainment, it is there for me.

If all goes to plan, I'll be hanging with my parents on the way to SKG and that alone should be entertaining enough.


I usually read a book or listen to my ipod. There will be no computers brought aboard this voyage either.

Shirley didn't have one, why should I?


Ambien may or may not happen. If I go from PHL, I will have completed a half marathon and should be tired enough...

Mony said...

uh, how about a half? (op offered by a former qualude enthusiast)

nm said...

A half is what I take now.

If I'm on BA, I may stay awake just to experience the Club experience, but probably not.

Mony said...

Just got a Canon SD800IS from JMB, who is big on wide angle lenses. I really love it.

nm said...

well, congrats mony!

get thee a flickr account and post baby.


Jennifer said...

Ugh, award availability sucks all around this summer. I've probably had at least three dozen calls with AA and UA trying to book stuff I want with NO success. I am supposed to count myself lucky that I found a way to get to Bali at all (AA to NRT on dates I didn't want and then onward on JO - which I think is like Southwest only operated by JAL). Blech - I feel your pain!