Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Heeeeeeeeeellllllllllllloooooooooo out there

Father sun, the greenhouse, Seattle, WA May 2007.

Is it something I said, or didn't?

Things here are fine. We're just wrapping up another exciting work week here. Papers are almost done and on Thursday night we're on our way to Boston and not such beautiful New Hampshire to deal with a family issue.

My family is fine, thankyouverymuch. My father met another 15 relatives yesterday and my brother has met close to 60 M&Js he had never met. Pretty cool huh?

I will just be happy when by brother texts me from Paris telling me he's okay.

I've been busy taking all sorts of pictures, you should check out my Flickr photostream and using my rss feed to see my new pics as I load them. Some are silly, some are really bad (those are the ones taken with my phone) and some are down right awesome. I'm contemplating buying a new point and shoot because TH will take the D50 to Alaska with her and goddamnit, I take pictures every freaking day.

Check out my contacts too, they take great pictures.

Well the dog is snoring, I'm ready to read something that doesn't pertain to hazard planning and scientific python and hopefully one of you will comment before too long.




jk said...

i have the g7, and love it. more options for your artistic endeavors.

j said...

You can borrow one of mine. I have a Canon S3 and that behemoth one of Jeff's. But if you're going to buy one.. go for the canon SD series. They rocketh. I heart my 400, we got mom the 600, and Costco has the 1000 for $229 right now :)

nm said...

I see you and I going to costco for a pizza and a camera this week. ;)


j said...

haven't you ever heard of online shopping? ;)

jk said...

i don't know....before you settle on the SD, do read the reviews on the canon G7. It's a very sophisticated point and shoot... you can push to 1600 or 3200 for low light, 10 megapixel, lens is equivalent to 35-210.

Z said...

I've been reading...just couldn't write so well on the laptop from work. I was trapped in Hershey/Harrisburg for a week at a convention. UGH! I missed you though! We saw a report on Seattle on ABC News last night - Ev was SO impressed he knew you and that you live there!