Sunday, May 20, 2007

new rules

Rainy day, West Seattle, May 2007.

Today, I did good things. I walked beat the bridge and had a great time with J doing it. I made manicotti, cookie dough, cooked up someother stuff,ran a bunch of errands and wasted hours on flickr. Seriously, seriously, seriously. I am so pissed.

So, new rules are no computer time other than 15 minutes on weekends.

Granted it sucked today weather wise, but still.

There is dog that was bored, a house that could use some sweeping and a couple of closets that could be cleaned while TH is bobbing around the ocean.

Dog is pissed because I forgot to pick up margarita mix for him today.


Oh, new photos from new camera on flickr. Yes, I bought the Canon SD800IS and based on what I've seen other people do and what I did today, it may work.



jk said...

oops, you had fun. How terrible. Must impose sanctions and restrictions. Must not have fun.

why so hard on yourself? People who have no fun are not much fun to be around.

j said...

but did you get the 3 drawers cleaned?

nm said...

I am not being hard on myself. If I actually felt like I got any rest from sitting in front of the laptop, then it would have been fine.

J - not! one, all the dishes, cooked up turkey chili, manicotti, made pasta sauce for next lasagne batch, chocolate chip pecan cookie dough.

I did also go to West Seattle.

The dog, he was bored.

Mony said...

I think you binged.
So what?

nm said...


That is funny and maybe true. At least I didn't gain any weight or hurt any animals in the process.

However, the roll of tp that ernest destroyed should be counted.

Kerrio said...

15 mins at the weekend is not enough to keep us updated on ETP.

TP is ok, ours ate an entire bag of chocolate covered coffee beans when left unsupervised for 10 mins.

jk said...

oh, destroyed tp? I didn't know about that......

j said...

you ARE going to bring some cc pecan cookies over on Sat... yes?

I'm going to attempt mushroom risotto. Perhaps you could bring some veggies to grill since I don't eat meat ;)

nm said...

Yes on cookies, I'll bring some and I'll make some to bake later if you want. I'm trying to use up the flour before the summer.

No veggies to grill, just smoked salmon and tiny pumpernickel toast points!


Kyre. said...

Something weird happened on my last Flickr picture. I got your note on the picture...but I think the picture changed. Ummm, yeah. Sorry.

Your honey's adventures out to see are Am.Az.Ing.