Sunday, May 27, 2007

on the lighter travel plans

Sounds divine doesn't it? I am cleaning out my work email to bring it down to a managable level of chaos.

I found this email I replied to TH. Life before Ernest is what it could be entitled.

leave here on FRIDAY
arrive in London on SATURDAY
spend the morning scrumming for cheese (remember one thing, its a
saturday before christmas and all the
'chesters are in London for a dirty/shopping weekend), buy books (maybe
find some small place to do this)
take afternoon train to Paris arrive Paris around 7 pm
spend the night in Paris, scrub up , have a delightful dinner, eat ice
cream, watch the world go by, have reserved a room at the Madeleine
using 15K pts for Saturday night.

Depart Paris on Dimanche matin after eating our share of croissants, get
to St. Malo, putter around, pick up car, wander somewhere we have not
been and hope that the day trippers from London have departed. Maybe go
to the aquarium (lorenzo wants to go). (sunday all day somewhere)

Drive to Cancale or stay in St. Malo (sunday night).

Spend at least one night at Les Maisons de bricourt. eat fish, if we are
super duper lucky, the weather will hold and we can go tide pooling.
(monday and monday night)


Take train to paris on Tuesday, walk around, eat some more, replenish
macarons and cheese supplies, spend the night at jardins de l'odeon.
sleep in, get on the RER at St. Michel and go to airport on Wednesday.

I can't believe I once had the energy to do this.

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Mony said...

you still have that energy
you just don't write about it all