Friday, February 17, 2006

baby its cold inside

The freezer that is. I was rifling through the deep freeze today looking for my will and power of attorney I realized that first, you should put in in the freezer because its a fire proof place. However, its cold and honestly, its a stupid place when you are a hurry.

However, the next few weeks we'll be eating a lot of white salmon, blueberries, tomato sauce and lamb.

Its cold out as well. Many of the neighborhood plants are covered in blankets and sheets. The cold snap is not as severe as first thought. The forecast discussion sounds dissapointed. I'm not.


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Z said...

Knock on wood, we've had a very mild winter (relatively speaking, I mean, this IS Pittsburgh) and Richard has been bemoaning the lack of snow...he thinks it will rip a hole in the cosmic fabric of the universe or something.