Thursday, February 23, 2006

truly getting back to normal

Crocuses, Front Lawn, February 2006.

Dinner was delightful and knife and forky. Thin cut pork chopped dredged in flour and herbs, sauteed in a pan with shallots and sliced mushrooms and finished off with some marsala. Artichokes and herbed spinach pasta for sides. It was definitely yummy and normal.

Spitting now and cold and raw. The garden looks like it miraculously made it through the worst of the cold weather. There is a forecast of below freezing for the next few nights, so we'll be covering the citrus again. I can't wait for the fucshias to make it back out. I love them, but not in my front hall.

I think I lost two small hellebores that were in pots, at least their flower potential. Me thinks the plants are okay. I'll miss the first great plant sale of the year next weekend, but there will be more to come. I noticed today that the first of the peas are starting to break through the ground. I'm going to read the forecast discussion before I make the first few rose prunings.



Z said...

Anth told me that he watered my little kids' plants that we planted on Tu B'Shevat (Festival of the Trees) and that he thinks the marigolds are breaking through and that the parsley has yet to show itself.

nm said...

I love your pic!

Parsely seeds need to be soaked and in one place I read boiling water. Don't ask me why I might know that, but here is the link I just found about parseley.

I think beans are a good choice as well.