Wednesday, February 22, 2006

feeling like a truck ran over me

Flood Marker, Rome January 2004.

Half our developers are sick, I'm all blurry and really feeling nasty. I will chug down vitamin C today, but right now the idea of spending three hours staring at slides does not excite me. I am happy to report that we did find somewhere to stay in Rome for March and D. has graciously offered to bring his camera for me to test this week. It will be interesting to stay somewhere different. I wanted to stay on the other side of the river, but the place we wanted was not available. This is close to TH's favorite gelateria, some grocery stores and our coffee place of choice. I am planning on spending some quality time on the streets looking for signs much like the one you see in this entry. Katherine Rinne, an architect, who started the Aquae Urbis Romae: The Waters of the City of Rome project which I am building some of my own work on. As long as the apartment has a moka, a good bed and some light, I should be happy. If I'm desperate for a computer I know where to go.

I need to start looking for a GPS now.



watersofrome said...

Hello, I'm Katherine Rinne who you mention in your February 22 blog. Can you tell me about your work and how my project has influenced it?


nm said...

Hi Katherine,

My partner and I are both GIS people, she's a geographer and I use GIS for large scale data integration for a gov't organization.

I also have a graduate degree in landscape archicture and preservation and my lifelong goal is to bring mapping into the realm of preservation for analysis.

So, we are combining the idea of mapping (like you), google earth, gis and gps to try to understand the flooding, inundation and teach a group of architects and landscape architects at the UW about how to incorporate mapping into understanding urban development.

Your work is a great base! Are you still working on Rome?