Wednesday, February 08, 2006

frequent flying

Great circle mapper - January-March 2006. Oh the places you will go! Some over and over again, it seems.

Today I spent a great deal of time placating JK whose upgrades to DFW/Austin hadn't cleared before the 24 hour mark and figuring out with TH how to get to London and back and then to FCO with the least amount of stress to our pockets and our bodies. Hint: Upgrading on BA to Club on 2 hour flights makes it all better. It is all okay, its just part of the game, the checking the flight loads, calling the super secret line, figuring out the cost/benefit ratio to upgrading v. sitting in coach. I still managed to get California to behave and have a decent conversation with my accountant as well. Sometimes, multitasking is a good thing.

Anyhoo,when I put in my travel from January until the end of March, I was appalled to see that I will have flown over 64K. Yes, campers, that is alot of peanuts and little bottles of water and luna bar and only 15K of it will be work related!

Hmm, I wonder why I can't seem to lose any weight.



jk said...

but wasn't it worth it? don't you love being able to share your vast aa knowledge. And i really didn't think I'd clear...i'm mean, it was down to 2 seats.

nm said...

Pumpkin, dca-dfw in the middle of the week right after GWB announced the fy07 budget allocations and all that? My guess is that the plane will be full of WBs and crackberries and off to deal with their constituents somewhere in TX. Have patience.

Be thankful you are not flying out on a Friday.

Darn. I think it is time to go home.

jk said...

i'm airborne at the dca club.

good thing i didn't switch...the chicago flight has been cancelled.

Z said...

I wish I could fly again. I really do. I am just too petrified of .. well, Flight 93. That's what I am afraid of. If I could pack or my flight attendant could pack, I'd feel better. Or even if I knew a flight marshall was sitting beside of me packing. Until then, I cannot fly although I did tell my Dad I'd fly to Antartica with him. No worries there...terrorists wouldn't fly in a cargo hold.

nm said...


Flying is very safe, just take your airborne. J and I fly alot and I flew on September 18, 2001 to london and then to Paris. It was amazing. I flew something like 160K miles that year.

I would do carnivale with your dad if he offers it to you and then do antarctica as well!

viva the penguins!

nm said...


we have stocked up on the airborne, but i hate that flavor. However, the serving size is just right.

Say hi to the AC staff for me.

Z said...

Which flavor do you hate? I should send you some of the generic I found. It is better than Tang.