Thursday, February 16, 2006


I usually don't check my seat assignments very often unless I have a crap seat, which I do LHR-ORD on Monday. In hopes of moving from my okay seat to a better one, I have been checking the seat maps in hopes the others coach to business class upgrades have cleared and their seats have opened. That is, the creme de la creme of the coach seats that mere mortals cannot pre-reserve.

Just my luck, 31B opened on my return, so I'm back to the rollaboard as the ottoman, the latest OK!, powerport and tons of leg room seat on a not very full flight. A picnic lunch from the Cathay Pacific First Lounge and a large costa coffee and I'm good for the next 9 hours.


Now if my domestic upgrades would clear and I would feel better, then we could be very excited.

I'll stop boring you with the minute details of my life.


jk said...

ooh congrats. what's that cathay lounge like?

nm said...

Quiet, good sandwiches, lots of computers, good magazines, nice bathrooms, way better than the Flagship lounge at LHR.

Not as nice as the First Terraces Lounge in LGW.

Too bad you are not flying AA.

jk said...

can i get in with my admiral's club card? I guess not, i'm not flying first.

nm said...

Good question. Defintely worth posting on FT. I would say no because its a totally different terminal (north for AA) v. South for US.

Bummer because the sandwiches rock.

Next time, fly through DFW (ugh) and we'll lunch at Terraces. The first bacon butty is on me.