Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eat local this Thanksgiving

This Saturday I at the market, I noticed a bunch of farmer's sporting these great buttons that said "I took the pledge", which means they took the pledge to eat local this Thanksgiving. I'm always up for some challenge, so we went over to the Eat Local booth at the U. District Farmer's Market.

The campaign highlights the fact that by eating local, we are reducing our ever expanding carbon footprint. I know mine is atrocious for being a locally eating, tree hugging, obessively composting liberal. It sucks due to my love of Parisian haircuts and Belgian bath cubes. I would calculate it for you, but when I did it January, I cringed.

So, back the great campaign at hand, by eating one or more products within your ecotone, soil conservation district, radius in which you are comfortable or even back garden you will:
  • Help maintain our local farms and open spaces
  • Help reduce greenhouse gases caused by transporting food from far away
  • Help create a food system that good for people, our environment and our economy
Not too shabby, eh? Don't even have to eat organic to make a difference.

Even my fair mayor (eck) has pledged to eat one thing that is local this Thanksgiving.

This made shopping a challenge today. Were trying to get ready for the thanksgiving before thanksgiving, thanksgiving proper and the day after thanksgiving thanksgiving. (really!)TH and I walked around the market trying to figure out what to substitute for celery, it not really very local this time of year. We're trying fennel. Everything else is easily sourced from the market, our regular grocery store and our garden. It should be fun. Sweet potatoes, that should be a challenge.

Think local, eat local and gobble local.

nm thinking about taking a nap about now


Mony said...

is this local thing gonna knock hubbards and pearl onions off the menu?

fennel! may I succumb to the thought

nm said...

Cipollinos will work for pearl onions ! Hubbards are here baby. In fact, this is the first year in many we didn't grow them ourselves.

J said...

I heart fennel.

I especially heart fennel in my stuffing.

Did you ever make quince paste?

Kerrio said...

I have some small fennel bulbs in the garden.

I'd send them to you - but that would ruin the whole point huh? (besides which I'd proabably get arrested, or you would)