Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday means

According to blogger and flickrer KimMcK, it means clean out your fridge day. You know why, to get that 18 lb beast in amongst the bags of cranberries, the celery and the brussels sprouts that you always make and end up in the dogs dinner.

I cleaned mine out a few weeks ago while TH was in Hawaii. Its pretty clean now, we have methodically been eating chard, pork chops and eggs to make room for goose, fennel and hubbard squash.

I can see to the back, this is a good thing.

It really doesn't take too much time and if you are really clever, you can photodocument it.



Kerrio said...

So where's the photo?

nm said...

Take Kimberly's photo, add some bbq sauce and a few red peppers and you have mine.

She has a nicer kitchen than mine.

Mony said...

timing's not perfect, but all I have to do is wait for daughter to get home from college

she gets medieval on it

kimberly said...

I would describe photo documenting one's refrigerator cleaning as desperate, rather than clever. I'd been planning to clean the fridge anyway, and I really just needed something to post for NaBloPoMo. And I managed to stretch it into two days of posts; is that clever or just boring?

BTW, our BBQ sauce is in the door, which I have yet to clean out. Later today, if this rain keeps up.

nm said...

I did not see your bbq sauce collection. My bad.

I am also desperate for NaBloPoMo as well. However,I made a killer compote, I'm going to blog about.