Saturday, November 24, 2007

if I hadn't bought the finishers tshirt already

I would be in bed tomorrow morning instead of standing around in a corral wishing that I hadn't had any coffee.

Wish me luck, its a crap crap hilly course and if I break 3:40 I will be a rock star.



Kerrio said...

You buy the finishers tee before running? Isn't that cheating?

Good luck!

PS. What's a "chip" in this context?

Z said...

At first I thought it said "Chick Pick up"!!!! Bwahahahaha!!! You are gonna do great!!!!! I keep humming The Streak when I think of how fast you'll be!! (although hopefully clothed!) ;)

nm said...

Timing chip silly, but its actually a bracelet like la lohans. I'm taking it off at the start and then putting it back on for the timing mats. I hate things rubbing against my skin.

Z -- thanks, I'm just not that into this one. I think every time I drive up madison street from now on, I'll cringe.