Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I can now walk down stairs like a normal human being.

I am down to two advil a day.

I am doing a normal workout.

I do not cringe when thinking about getting out of my chair.

I cannot believe that people who are not athletes feel like this every day.

I will try my hardest never to be in that situation.

Love your body, its the only one you have.



Kerrio said...

Hmmm! You are not selling this exercise thing to me....

Anonymous said...

Brava - and just 1 advil tonight - and now, if i am not mistaken you are off to a whirlwind of flying and ??? ...

D. and I continue to exclaim and love our early T-Day celebratiion with you and TH and look forward to more 'breaking bread' - do let me know about Mom and Bro and Dad and all the transistions - Madeleine