Monday, November 05, 2007

sunny monday

Glorious day, too nice to be at work, but unfortunately, the world does not stop because I wanted to stay home and hang laundry, make quince jam and rake leaves.

Had a great catch up with Ms. J. and her trip to Paris. I'm still waiting to hear from Kerrio about her trip to the Falklands and Ms. JK is busy running around India. Nothing like getting a text message from India!

We are a lucky bunch of travellers.



Kerrio said...

Sorry - could not text from the Falklands.

But I'm back now and trying to get my head back in the idea of work etc. Then I will sort through the 6000 photos.

What have I missed?

kimberly said...

I was sooo tempted to play hookey from work yesterday, but couldn't quite convince myself that work could wait. My want-to-do list was identical to yours, except that it would have been (and will be) pear jam.