Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thankful for a sunny outlook for next Sunday's Seattle Half Marathon.

Wowed by ACT's The Women.

Pleasantly surprised by Cafe Presse.

Wolfing down leftovers of C's rendition of Shauna's cauliflower with smoked paprika and cocoa.

Lusting after my brother's iphone. Not that I need a gadget, I just love the google map application and the great camera.

Very thankful for the fact that I'm done with stuffing for the year.

Wondering if going to Tunisia for three days is worth a flight, a trip to the airport and hiring a guide or should I stay local and see parts of Lazio I have never been.

nm, wondering if video killed the radio star


Kerrio said...

Nah.. the radio star are still alive and kicking here in blighty.

Does Tunisia involve a London stop off?

J said...

Your brother should get you an iphone for Christmas.

nm said...

London is not on the horizon right now, but TH is itching for her next year miles, so maybe before end of February. Please have snug kubrin proofed for us.

Kerrio said...

Time it right and you can have (whisper it) the spare bedroom.