Monday, November 26, 2007

To do

Alaska, June 2007.
  • Freaking because I haven't sent out Ernest's holiday greeting and shameless plug for Presidency
  • Turn in my FSA paperwork, realizing that I'm not quite sure what my taxable income really is
  • Made my Holiday shopping list and actually stick to it
  • Finish planting the bulbs (shut up)
  • Wondering with my friend B, what are appropriate gifts for our service/trades people
  • Figuring out if I really care about renewing my Admiral's Club membership for the following year, especially since there isn't one in Seattle and I am not flying that much
  • Deciding when to stop making cookies for Sunday, are twelve batches of sugar cookie dough and six batches of gingerbread cookies enough?
  • Trying to decide if my Italian SIM card still works and is it worth using it versus Tmobile roaming
  • Figuring out if I can write some donation checks this year
  • Gathering my taxable donations and getting them ready and out the door for this tax year
  • Wishing she could make Ernest a deduction
nm who needs to let the bullets go


Mony said...

I hope the hold up on Earnest's holiday greeting is the bumper stickers.

nm said...

Auntie Mony,

Are you willing to make Ernest's bumperstickers?