Monday, April 03, 2006

The 72 hour rule

Anemones, Rome, March 2006.

We have rules and regulations chez nm and TH. One big one is that no plant shall remain encumbered in its plastic pot for more than 72 hours after it has been brought back from the nursery or plant sale.

Not that we always follow our own rules, but this afternoon's gentle rain means that we'll be putting all those rhodies, a few hellebores and other choice plant material in the ground as soon as we get home and get that creamed spinach on.



jk said...

mmm, did someone say creamed spinach?

we're having big, boomy storms here. with tornado warnings!

nm said...

I hope you are going to be okay. Your weather looks awful.

I will post the creamed spinach recipe. I did a lowfat version, it was pretty okay. I let TH nutmegize it herself.


jk said...

please, post.