Wednesday, April 19, 2006

spring cleaning

It isn't Washington D.C, but the cherries are yummy. April 2006.

I spent most of yesterday evening gardening. Mostly pulling noxious weeds that would suffocate my raspberry patch in our long season ppatch. Honestly, I have no idea how morning glory roots can be a thick as spring asparagus stalks, but its better to try and take them out now that battle with them in July.

I have to say that the same principle can be applied to Spring Cleaning in the garden and the house. TH did a great job of cleaning off our porch last week and I spent five minutes today sweeping it up again so it looks lovely and pristine.

I picked the first rhubarb yesterday. I can't really describe what the garden smells like now,but it is a combination of earthy, tangy and sweet from all the flower blossoms. I love the smell of fresh rhubarb and came straight home to make baked rhubarb to serve with plain yoghurt for my breakfast.

Some people love the really tiny rhubarb stalks, I like mine medium. My plants will grow so large that they will hide a mini cooper. I try to keep them picked to keep production going. I can see we're going to have a very busy summer thinking of things to do with all this rhubarb.

Without further ado....

Baked rhubarb ala nm

2 lbs rhubarb stalks (discard the leaves, they are poisonous)
1/2 cup sugar
a bit of vanilla

Wash rhubarb, cut into 1 inch pieces, if the pieces are too wide, cut them in half.
In a mixing bowl, mix the rhubarb with the sugar and sprinkle with a little vanilla

Place in a oven proof dish (I use le creueset bakeware) and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees until soft.

Let cool and then spoon over plain yoghurt.

Please note that I like my rhubarb tart, some may need to increase the amount of sugar.

Bon Appetit!


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Z said...

You know, that's something you don't find much around here and I love me some rhubarb pie. This recipe sounds awesome.