Friday, April 21, 2006

free at last

Well, almost.

Not quite caught up, but maybe by the end the of the weekend, if I bring my laptop home and spend some quality time converting dbf files to excel files and writing a macro. Okay, at least I can make a plan, right?

Here's to the last weekend that I'll be at home and free from all parental responsibilty for the next thirteen years. I think.

Hi to all that are out there lurking, those stuck on a ship in the Bering Sea with frozen nets, those who braved a trip to the North Pole on Monday, those who are in Texas (whatever).... the lilacs are starting and I promise to get your ppatches covered and partially planted. Really! Don't worry there is plenty of gardening when you all get back.

Everyone is gone somewhere this weekend,so I guess I'll just wait until next week to get out of town. ;)

Great plant sales this weekend and TH will be nearly finished building the new stone bed! Now, we can fill it.


1 comment:

jk said...

Texas whatever? If i can't be at home(or is that won't be at home?), austin is a fantastic place to be. Hey, even if i happened to be at home, I'd want to be in austin.

And i am. At least today.

enjoy the freedom, while it lasts! Can't wait to see the puppy.