Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Triple Digits

According to Z's counter, we only have 999 days left in the GWB whitehouse, if he lasts that long.

Things here have been interesting, not good, not too bad, but interesting. I am really using my inner nm to figure out what I want be when I grow up and that is a good thing at the ripe old age of, er, nevermind.

The lilacs are blooming, I wish CD, PP and JM could see them, it is quite lovely here in Seatle right now.

We have many birds nesting in our backyard so things have been loud, but fun. Dinners in the over (leek, sausage and chicken pie) and I think I'll stop doing this right now and go sit on the porch with TH and enjoy the rest of the evening.


1 comment:

jk said...

i heart lilacs.