Tuesday, April 18, 2006

seattle traffic and a little bit about me

Forget me not, back garden, April 2006.

Traffic today sucked eggs. The President of China was/is in town along with a cadre of reporters and dignitaries touring the military industrial complexes that flourish here in the Emerald City . Since most of the action was on the other side of the Lake, why the hell didn't he stay there?

Which leads me to telling you a little about me. My name is NM and I hate stopping on hills. Hills in Seattle are not hills in San Francisco, but they are still hills and there is nothing I hate more than sitting and idling on a hill in fear that even with an automatic transmission and great brakes, I'm still going to slip out of gear and hit the car behind me or go into cross traffic. It all goes back to a very eventful trip across the country with TH and a faulty transmission, which as amusing as it is now, was not at the time.

So, today after taking TH to the train station, I sat through three lights on Cherry on the hill not moving and slowly starting to hyperventilate. Next time, I'll take the exit by the Four Seasons hotel (is that Union?).

Spring has sprung, I'm seeing too many people wearing gauchos who shouldn't, flip flops without pedicures and puka shells.

Time to rethink some fashion trends.

I also see that TomKat gave birth today. Thank ye gods that that is over and we can now obsess about other things.

I'm not one to discuss world politics in this forum, my friends know most of my leanings, but honestly, these days I fear opening the paper in the morning to see what has happened in Iran overnight. Both sides reactions are to be feared and I worry for my birth country and what will happen in the next few months.

Okay, I've said enough, I'm going to my ppatch to harvest the second batch of asparagus and plant dahlias. It is time!



Z said...

Me too...the worry part. Very much.

jk said...

i hate those motorcades. I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck at an intersection, because they close them off for 15 minutes or so before el presidente comes through.

Walkers are even barred from crossing!

Farid Zadi said...


I saw some posts of your on eg and linked onto your blog.

You might like www.bookofraiforum.com and www.bookofrai.com blog

Both are pretty international, multi-cultural sites.

This is not spam, I hope it doesn't seem like that. That just occured to me.

A bientot

nm said...

Thanks Farid, will definitely check out.

Hang out a while, I do talk food on occasion, typically after ranting about something else...