Sunday, April 23, 2006

life without a soundtrack

Today we went to a plant sale, great sale, haven't planted them yet,but I did place them in the correct spots.

What was strange was that there was music at the plant sale, not performers, but loudspeakers and some cd music playing. I suppose it was to excite the crowds before the much anticipated plant auction, but honestly, in a huge aircraft hanger, it just seemed wierd and totally unnecessary.

Life comes with a soundtrack these days. Whether you are on hold with customer service, boarding a plane, walking the mall (piped music), listening to other's music coming through their ipods, trying to find a quiet place to eat that isn't 60 bucks per person before drinks, we're just overwhelmed by noise. I hate it, sometimes I get up and leave because its just too much. I can't remember where TH and I were recently (maybe it was Rome?), where we asked and they did turn it down, but they looked at us like we were crazy. I'm not crazy, I just want to be able to have a conversation and hear myself think.

Other than that, pretty non eventful weekend, filled with gardening, erranding, pilfering the easter candy (bad nm) and just enjoying a lovely mid April weekend in Seattle.

Life is good.


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