Monday, April 10, 2006

monday musings

Things have been quiet around here. I hope you are all okay.

Today I just couldn't get things together. That is, I could things I wanted to do together, but not the things I had to do, like get my act together at work. This is bad news these days. I can't really put my finger on my trouble, but I can get work work done at home, but in the office, I am distracted beyond belief.

Oh well.

At least I managed to get 9 things off my to do list at home.

How do you all get and stay focused at work?

I share an office with a dear person, who is very intensely busy right now and my lack of productivity makes me feel even more lame.

Its just a phase, I know, but its bumming me out.


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Katja said...

How do you all get and stay focused at work?

I pretty much don't. Every once and a while I get really focused and get a bunch of stuff done. Then I sit around and think about what a world beater I would be if I could actually work that way consistently.