Thursday, May 25, 2006

all together now

Bernese Mountain Basset, Goldendale, WA early May 2006.

TH is home and not going anywhere for the next few days. Ernest met her at the airport with a woof and a wiggle and he got his one big chance to sit in my lap as TH drove home. There will be very little of that happening in the future. The breeder says he's expected to grow to 65 lbs of solid slobberchopness and that is way too much lap basset for moi.

Anyhow, he did some pretty fun things today (window shopping, latte comparisons, getting many skritches from his adoring public and most importantly, meeting his doppleganger in a Bernese Mountain dog. It was too funny they have the exact coloring as each other including the eyebrows.

He's pooped now and I get last call on Ernest duty. Tomorrow he has a vet appointment and a meet and greet at work. We'll spend the evening hanging out doing nothing much and honestly, that sounds good to me.



jk said...

are you sure that's really a puppy?

nm said...

some days I'm thinking he's a moose in a basset's body.

he's enormous.

He looks pretty wise though, doesn't he?

Should make for a good presidential contender.

aunt pat. said...

We are pleased to offer Ernest a scholarship Camp Puppy Love, redeemable for any two week period this summer. Courses in Elk Chasing, Garden Snake Snoogling, and Stick Chewing for Puppies, interspersed with lots of lying around in the sun and walks down to the creek will highlight this relaxing sojourn to Mineral, WA. Greenies provided upon demand.

nm said...

dearest aunt pat,

He may take you up on the offer,but he was hoping there were sheep in Mineral.

He misses his sheep.

He went with his mommies and his aunt B. downtown today. He even got to go to the salon, but they didn't wax his brows.

He says, aunt pat and cousin scruffy, the roya suite is waiting for you....