Saturday, May 13, 2006

sluggish saturday

Hosta, May 2006, Seattle.

While TH is gadding about the rainy Northeast, I'm at home, obsessing about work and trying to enjoy the weekend. The two are exclusive of each other no? I need to seriously take a chill pill.

Sunny Saturday meant up and early to the farmer's market, TJ's, post office and then being a slug. Yup, me. Sitting around reading Baltimore's own Lippman mysteries (2 of them in one day!), taking a nap, planting stuff and finally getting off my butt to weed and water the ppatch and visit with M&B and partake in some yummy blackberry cobbler.

TH says the weather sucks, so she's not sure what they are going to do tomorrow in Hanover. I believe her Monday will be spent driving to Orono, ME and maybe visiting at the altar of LL Bean. I wish I could be with her, but I'm probably better off here weeding out my dahlias and combatting what the hell is devouring the leaves of my gooseberries.

Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll do, but staying away from the chocolate is in order.


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