Sunday, May 14, 2006

eating locally

Today I did amazing things. I sat outside again and read a book and chilled. I managed to get much of our year round ppatch weeded out and watered and planted. I also made dinner and lunch using stuff from our own garden --Lettuce, chives, cilantro, asparagus, parsely and rhubarb.

It is an amazing thing.

The rhubarb is baking right now. I have a nice tabbouleh that I'll enjoy this week and I'll save the seven asparagus spears I have left over for dinner tomorrow.

Life is good.



jk said...

yum! i'm still not sold on rhubarb, but everything else is up there on my list.

nm said...

I'm thinking that you don't know a good rhubarb recipe?

How was philly? Did you score a bellevue suite?

jk said...

i sent you an email last night. It was a nice room at the end of the floor...only prob was the bed was on the door wall, so you heard hallway noise. but not much, as it was at the end.

however, i had to fight for my bfast coupon. and then i didn't use it...