Sunday, May 21, 2006

miles from my home

Undersides, Allium, May 2006.

It has been a weekend that has been fun, freaky and very quiet in a strange sort of way. Rainy and muggy, sunny and cloudy, slow and really fast at the same time, does that make any sense?

Yesterday, P and I went to go see the Cowboy Junkies at the Kirkland Performing Arts Center for a matinee. Wow, what a show. I love their new stuff and as much as I dreaded the idea of spending two hours in a darkened intime performance hall, it was worth it. It was one of the best Junkies show I had seen.

Last night I put together Ernest's crates. I can't believe one day he'll actually fit in these monster crates. He seems so tiny right now. We're going to try him on one of Jacques last beds, its huge, but I think he'll grow into it.

I am beginning to get antsy and scared about his arrival. We have spent the last ten or so years, not really caring about things like dropped rubber bands, electrical cords and exquiste Italian loafers or purses and laptop bags on the floor. Jacques couldn't be bothered unless it was food or his cat. Now my shoes automatically go in the closet and my purses/bags/laptop up on the blanket chest.

It'll be an adventure. P& I ran errands today downtown, West Seattle and our hood and he's driving with me to Goldendale tomorrow. He's good company and I'll need it. Its strange that he was the one who helped me nearly a year ago when Jacques declined and came to my rescue for those grueling three days when we didn't know what was wrong with him and TH was trying to get back from Woods Hole to get to us.

I'm happy that he's getting to meet Ernest and TH will come back from Woods Hole to a different experience and bittersweet to be sure.


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jk said...

i can't wait to see pics of ernesto in his new home!