Monday, May 22, 2006

finally home

Ernest is in the hood. Partially vocal on his way from Goldendale, but very well behaved. Enjoyed his dinner, snuffle down the block and exploring what he can of the house.

He's sprawled out on Jacques old bed, conked out and probably ready for one more out and then off to bed.

So am I once I submit my final funding report....

Oh, a happy birthday to JK.

May the day be great, you can celebrate tomorrow if you wish and I really hope that your bro made it to the sale so that you got your plastic turkey.



Z said...

Yay! Welcome to the hood Ernest!!!! May your pottytraining go better than ours is as the moment!

Z said...

Oh!!! I really love your new look!!!!

nm said...

thank papernapkin for that!

Oy, how we've missed you.

Off to send ERnest out into the cold wet world before dinner.