Friday, May 19, 2006

date night

Netshed, St. Pierre, June 2003.

We don't have them, maybe we should. I guess if count walking around Green Lake drinking Peet's coffee and running into Starbucks at the end to pick up coffee grounds exciting, then I guess you know what date night chez nm is like.


It works for us and we've been together since the dawn of creation or the microvax, whichever came first.

So, why I am boring you with this?

Last night I went and ran errands up into the next 'hood up from ours. I finished the errands and decided to treat myself to the only thing that starbucks has done recently that I approve of -the green tea latte, hold the melon syrup. Anyhow, I noticed this guy in an Escalade leering at the women in the "Desert sun" store/tanning salon and generally making me nervous (me, short middle aged woman in yoga pants and running shoes and definitely not his type). It appeared that he was waiting for his wife/domestic unit for an appointment at the tanning salon.

Okay, that is modern. That is wierd, don't you think? Do they share a cube or a bed? Use a splitter on the Ipod? The mind boggles. Some things are just meant to be done alone or just not at all. The same thing goes for the guys who insist their girl friends come in while they are getting back waxes. Why? Do I want you there when I get a bikini wax? Do I need you to come in while I get my hair cut? Is anything sacred? Can there be too much togetherness?

Maybe they should have gone down the street and sat at Top Pot and discussed their plans for the summer, the kids or why they need to go get a tan at 9 pm on a Thursday night.

I just don't get it, I'll admit to you that I would rather look at ducks together than redden epidermis together.


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