Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Ernesto, the wonder basset, Seattle, Memorial Day 2006.

I'm still recovering from this weekend. Not the excitement that comes from partying like its 1999 or 1979, but more like I have a bored basset hound who melts in the rain and a antiquated way of doing laundry that requires sun.

My secret to whiter whites and crisp towels - a clothes line. Well, one of those clothes line things that is sort of an umbrella shaped. I'm glad we don't live in "rusty pine blister on poorly drained bioswale estates" where HOA covenants prohibit the use of such things. We're hipper than can be in energy conscience Seattle.we save tons of money on drying because we use our dryer about once a month. Just think if drove a hybrid and had chickens, maybe Sunset would come and do a feature on us!

Amazing, isn't it?

Well, this weekends weather sucked for clothes drying the NM way and when we finally got around to some sun we just didn't do it as a team. It was a toss up between having the clothes smell like bbqued salmon and dealing with our minor plumbing crisis --it's all been left to yours truly to do today.

I have a Mt.Washmore to conquer and its nearly 88% completed. I'm out of room for towels on the clothes line and I wish that I had another one of those little smalls hangers that I bought in Tokyo for smalls, so that excitement can wait until tomorrow.

Other than that, Ernesto is just fine, he is sacked out in his bed and it is time to let him out to do the final O-U-T bedtime procedures (pee, dewormer, bisquit and lockdown). He's definitely discovered three dimensionality and spatial problem solving, so his TH mom is quite pleased with him. I'll be happy if he realizes that as hard as he tries, there is nothing that interesting in the tiny space between the cabinet and the oven and he should get over it. He's growing so fast that one day he'll get stuck, I know it.


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Shellynoir said...

What's the name of that japanese website that showcases useless inventions? It would be fun to have a little setup that you could attach to the top of your hybrid, it could use the heat from your radiator to dry and press your hemp pants and shirts while you fly down the street to REI to buy some strange new camping gear.

This would not work in counties where june bugs are numerous, however.