Wednesday, May 31, 2006

nick of time

Oriental poppy, end of May 2006.

I got home from work just in time to bring in four loads of laundry before the rain started. Even managed to get Ernesto, the not very cooperative basset, to spend some quality time in the backyard chasing an old latte cup.

He played a bit of bball with Leo from up the street, attacked cuppie, ate like a small horse and is now down for the count. Oh well, I thought maybe we'd go to VS and pick up our free underwear while he's still small enough to go shopping. I guess it'll have to wait until Saturday.

I guess I'll go back to reviewing the 300 fricking pages of exhibit 300s that yours truly must review by tomorrow to answer yet another unfunded gov't mandate that keeps us all on our toes. Who would ever think that you could fall asleep at your desk reading an appendix to a revised OMB circular? I can and I did.

Now I'm off to buy a plane ticket or three. TH and I are going into Paris and out of Brussels in October. Doing a chocolate run which we would typically do in September, but have decided that work and Ernest will have to change our plans. At least things won't melt, fashion week will be over and we can get into the Madeleine for a decent price. Its been an expensive day chez nm.

We signed Ernest up for six weeks of all you can stand puppy kindergarten including field trips and play sessions. I understand everyone graduates, but me thinks we'll be attending more than six sessions. He is practicing the fine art of flat basset followed by jello basset when it comes time to walking.

Ack, its really raining now.

later taters.


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