Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Planning ahead

Allium bulgaricum, May 2006.

Summer is coming up and other than gas being oh, say 3.44 a gallon last I checked, airline ticket prices also suck. Nothing is competitive out of Seattle these days, if I lived in Wenatchee, I would be fine, but Seattle on AA, not.

Here, you can check it out yourself.

I have at least two exciting work trips planned for the summer, one involves a decent outlet mall and date shakes, the other, my parents, so its not that bad.

Other than that, its NYC in June for VAF and Miss JK coming up for a day or two, Vancouver and Calgary and now it seems that JK and I have ingratiated ourselves on my brother's annual midnight croquet party in MKE. We figured we could combine hotel stays, frequent flyer points with Irishfest and drunken croquet by Lake Michigan and oh, a trip to Marshall Fields as well.

I am hesitant to buy any plane tickets with the current prices, but since I have committed myself to London for Remembrance Day and TH is out of chocolate and we need to go to Paris. What the hell, no one needs to go, my financial advisor will tell me. Its double mileage at AA for their 25th anniversary, so its time to buck up and buy those tickets. Just think, I'll hit 2MM before November. Oh the joy.

Oh Ernest, he can stay home with grandmere or his best K, or maybe we'll just tag team it.



jk said...

whee! I can't wait.

nm said...

I can't either. beer and croquet and shopping.

Oh wait, there is an art museum right there. I guess we can pretend to be cultured.

jk said...

oh, why? everyone will see right through that.