Friday, May 12, 2006

the big picture

Greenland, the big picture, May 2006, LHR-ORD from seat 9J.

At work, I'm a big picture girl, which seems to get me nowhere here these days.

However, I digress.

I have been obsessing about the stock market, my retirement and how one day (say, in 9 years), I'll be able to stop working for the man and doing my own thing.

So, two days of down markets have me down.

I say stop looking but maybe call the broker on Monday and ask why we're holding on to something that is tanking? Or should I just stop looking and realize I can't touch this stuff for the next 20 years and take a chill pill?

It is like the scale, daily weighing can be both good and bad.

Maybe I need to ask the doctor for some anti anxiety meds.



Z said...

I have it all in "aggressively invested" and they told me from the jump to either chill out or invest in some Prozac. :)

nm said...

Aggressive is good. I wish I just didn't have up to the second info, ya know?

jk said...

take the pills. Re-read the def of long term investment. take another pill.

nm said...

I know, I should take a chill pill, but I'll settle for a 2 oz glass of vignonier.

I could go for some muscadet sur lie, but we're not in Brittany eating oysters are we? We would be if the market was up and we could retire today!

okay, back to being my normal self.