Wednesday, May 24, 2006

cool product find

New Tree chocolates - renew, restore and eat up.

TH sent me a package from Woods Hole today with some treasures from Maine. Other than a nice card and a good dog training guide which I need I received a yummy bar of chocolate.

I'm always willing to be the first to try new things, but if I tried that with all the chocolates that pass through our house I would be really fighting the battle of the bulge. However, this bar intrigued me, its a nice dark chocolate with blackcurrant with the name of Renew. I'm not buying the need for antioxidants, but that is how the bar is marketed.

I'm just happy to taste blackcurrants in something other than Ribena or pastilles. They are hard to come by in the US of A.

Here's the website for New Tree Gourmet Chocolates made in Belgium but easily found at many better food establishments around the country.

Oh Ernest, he's just fine. Currently incarcerated while I check on some stuff. We're considering a drive to the petstore to buy a new kong/chewy toy. The snowshoe chair is proving to be quite tasty and that just aint going to happen little man.

On his campaign front, he's still looking for strategic advisors.


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