Monday, May 15, 2006

unseasonably warm

Ribes sanguineum, May 2006.

I think 80 degrees for the middle of May in Seattle sucks. Why? Because my kiwis are about to blossom and they don't need to fry before they set fruit. I am going to have to replant my cukes as they are fried and I don't appreciate lettuce bolting by June.

'Nuf said.

It is time to think about warm weather foods. Salads, cold dishes (revenge?), make ahead meals and finger foods that will work as meals.

I'm all for salads. TH often will grill extra protein based sources and we'll have them later. I'm also all for things that can be made ahead - cold soups come to mind.

Yesterday I made tabouleh. Today I ate grilled asparagus and cold grilled chicken and some arugula and walnut salad.

Tomorrow, who knows? But as long as its in the high 70's, its not going to be lasagne.

Stay posted as I start posting some summertime favorites.


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