Thursday, May 11, 2006

essentially thursday

Gigantic- a big, big love. May 2006, Seattle, WA.

My week has sucked like something you don't want to suck out of your bird bath. I can't really put a finger on it, but I can't say more than if I could crawl under a rock until the next fiscal year, I would.

So, what is essential on days/weeks and months like this?

Music -- both moody and jangly
Eels, They Might be Giants, Sarah Harmer, anything that I can get from 3

My new obsession (crunchy and moderately healthy for you)

My arm still hurts from the shot

Decaf tea
I'm moody enough right now, I don't need to add caffeine to the mix

outdoors if possible, even 15 minutes of garden therapy would help

The ability to search flickr and find pictures of blood hounds, basset hounds and things that make me smile

The occasional f*ck this sheet dinner of margaritas and tacos at a local tacqueria like we had tonight at Mr. Villa.

The thought that in a mere 10 days I will be bringing Ernesto home.


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Z said...

I saw this dog last night in downtown G' was a BEAGLE the size of a YELLOW LAB. I swear! Weird...very weird.