Saturday, May 27, 2006

sleepy saturday

Ernesto and TH spent a bunch of today sleeping. TH catching up from no sleep while traveling and Ernest from growing. The boy has eaten 5.5 cups of food and a cup of treats since he arrived in Seattle and has grown 40". He will be the size of a Great Dane by the end of the weekend.

Moral of the story: If you want to see him small and squiggly, visit sooner than later.

Anyhoo, the rain made the U. District Farmer's market defective. TH, B, Ernesto and I went to TJ's to stock up and then I dragged them off for a brow wax at Red. They went to Dahlia Bakery, I did the wax.

Spent the day pushing bassets outdoors in the cold rain to ablut between killer kong sessions and the attack the commuter mug game. We took him to CUH for him to gain appreciation of the finer things in life and he spent most of the time picking large pieces of wood out the mulch and learning the fine art of drop it.

I did read Anne Tyler's Digging to America this afternoon. I'm still digesting it, it cut quite close to home.

Well, Ernesto is down for the 8-9pm nap before one more round of zoomer basset. He learned how to pull the toilet paper off the roll. If you come to visit, remind me to give you a roll before you sit down. ;)



jk said...

i was going to ask you what you thought of the new anne tyler. I haven't started it yet, but will be reading it next week.

nm said...

It was sad and very true to life. I think her time spent observing her husband's family was important to this book. I think that it would be a better book to read to understand Iranians in the US than something like Perspolis, which is the book that all of Seattle is reading right now.

Z said...

Maybe I'll give it a whirl. Sounds like Ernest is having so much fun just BEING Ernest :) heh.