Tuesday, December 27, 2005

clean sweep

Amaryllis, December 2005.

I have reclaimed the couch in my study. Almost. This is good, I have a pile to shred, most everything is put back into place and I may be able to see the top of my flat surfaces by the end of the night!

I'm going to work soon. I am feeling better and hope to do much the same at work, clear out email, start on a project, update calendars and scope out a project.

Dinner tonight will be yummy I hope, left over soup, artichokes, salad and roast pork with potatoes. We're off to Portlandia, weather and all (no weather) tomorrow am for a visit to TH's city of transit and hopefully to eat some beautiful food and to see a lovely walkable city.

I really wanted to get a new calendar this year for my office, but decided to give up curious george and go for the free Ace Hardware one. Seems strange, i may change my mind, but its free and has some useful coupons.

Are you the kind of person to buy a calendar as soon as you see it person (say, October) or do you wait until they are discounted after Christmas?



Z said...

I am the 90% off person :)

nm said...

are you home already?

I'm usually a 50% person, but I can't bear to go the village, so I'll see if I can find something in Portland tomorrow.

Viva powells.

jk said...

i seem to get calendars sent to me...but then i did purchase the naked austin musicians charity calender....to benefit my friend jon dee graham's son willie. www.jondeegraham.com to see some shots. a great calendar, for a great reason.