Thursday, December 29, 2005

meet the f*&@$ers

Or, should I say our new neighbors.....

Looks like two more college boys complete with a low rider, tinted black windows and Texas plates.

I think the house owners of the rental next to our house really really hate us because if we have a problem with their quality tenants, we tell them - morning, noon or midnight.

Good thing we have their number memorized, the number of the non-emergency police, the fire department and the neighbor on the other side is on the same side of the hating them as we are.

Can it be possible to get renters who 1. will not be young and stupid 2. will bring in their garbage cans in a timely manner 3. be quiet when entering and leaving the house 4. realize that they have moved into a neighborhood, not frat row?


I really think they hate us.


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