Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry chanukamas

That is it.

Happy holidays, festivus, whatever, just as long as you spend some quality time today just vegging I'll be happy for you.

Rainy here in the Emerald City - I worry about bassets under camellia bushes (cats too) and people. Looking at the forecast discussion at the National Weather Service Site, things don't look to promising for the end to the rain. You should really read the forecasts, they are more interesting than the temps.

Ran around like crazy yesterday, went to the Market for buche pickup, Madison Park for a few last minute things and cyclamens, home to bake fruitcake (looked good), run to C&B to buy two last minute presents (amazingly, found parking and saw both my mom! and my friend M. with her two adorable kidlets, so that was very fun) and everyone was in a good mood.

Came home and started to clean up. Our house looks like a disaster area with stuff not in its place quite yet. TH managed to finish cleaning upstairs, so we put back most everything. Went over to see R&A and the kids for a bit (who knew rubber pirate ducks would be a hit?) and then went to dinner at Tulios with D&M (there is another holiday tradition that is worth keeping). Dinner was great, company was great, the obnoxious football fans screaming like it was a sports bar was not fun. They probably are getting theirs now as the kids got them up at 6 am to open presents. Hah.

Anyhow, TH is still pretending to sleep, I'm going to sneak a few under the tree and maybe consider taking that salmon out of the freezer for dinner.

Oh, here is the fruitcake recipe - from one of my favourite UK chefs - at least everything I've made from his recipes has turned out really well and interesting.

Have a great day.



Z said...

I want to visit you guys for Christmas...sounds like so much fun! I am always looking for a long lost fruitcake recipe...sadly this one wasn't it either. The one I am looking for has a dark, molasses batter and lots of raisins. I am starting to think it's an applesauce cake gone bad. Anyway, have a wonderful, rainy Boxing Day!!!!

nm said...

Girl, I thought of you when I my mom got me the rachael ray 365 no repeats book as well! It looks fabulous and you bet that I'll be cooking out of that too!

Come and visit anytime.