Wednesday, December 21, 2005

keeping cool

So, along with all the interesting things happening chez nm, I get news that my cleaning diety (CD) is in the hospital with pneumonia. Yikes for him and yikes for me, but TH has graciously offered to spend part of tomorrow cleaning the house. I want CD to get well soon as I really really like him. When I talked to him yesterday, he sounded awful. I hope he recovers quickly under the care of his sister and mom.

Miss P and Mr. S are still on for Xmas eve and Xmas day, so that will be fun. My mom is jonesing for a shopping trip, I'm not sure I have it in me. We still haven't braved the camera store to get them presents. We still haven't been able to locate the presents for the more selective in our groups, some people are soooo hard to buy for. TH and I are still not sure what we're doing, either! All I want is my house back.

Oh, did I tell you my check engine light is on? Seems to be driving fine, could be anything. Good thing old blue is still with us.

For some reason, even with all this crap going on (more on this later), I seem to be cool and honestly, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tonight, TH and I are staying at in Bellevue, I've only been there once since the remodel, new rooms, plasma screen tvs (nothing on, so why bother?) and new beds. Not bad if you consider the 2K bonus, a 1K diamond amenity and a 50 buck amex gift card for 107 bucks. Too bad we both have to be at work tomorrow am.

Oh well, free breakfast on the AAA rate as well. Sweet/Suite.



jk said...

look on the brightside...lots of 50 dollar hyatt thingies.

Hope the cd gets well soon. And that you're feeling better.

nm said...

er, not. not. not. no amex card without using your amex for an online ressie.

not to mention no suite access for diamonds as you now get the regency club (not open when I was there) and then well, I'll email you.

The general manager will be getting a nice letter and will be cced to the gold passport concierge.

However, the all american breakfast was decent and I managed to get a few christmas presents dealt with.

jk said...

eagerly awaiting email.

too bad you're not coming to DC---we're taking advantage of the 50% of at gallileo Monday night. Food, and wine. God bless roberto donna.