Saturday, December 31, 2005

mulching to cover

TH and I did some garden clean up today, nothing too exciting, but realized that everything does better with a bit of mulch -- bulbs to keep the evil squirrels away is a good example. Things look pretty decent considering this spring we're going to have to build some new beds and rethink the garden and if we want to build a taller fence against our northern neighbors.

I can't say our garden will win any awards for its design, beauty or plant collections, but it suits me just fine. I saw that the hellebores are really starting to pop up and the daphne is showing color. Our sarcocca is smelling very lovely and in the squirrels cool their jets, we may see some early bulbs soon enough.

Tonight, we're going to Nell's for dinner. Honestly, we have eaten at home twice in the last eight days and those were haphazard meals. I guess its nice to be festive and eating close to home will help. We went to the first of the winter farmer's markets and picked up some stuff for the new year. I plan to start it off with a nice tom yum gai, a sauteed chard dish and something that uses a roasted chicken.

Happy New Year y'all. May 2006 blow 2005 out of the water.



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