Tuesday, December 06, 2005

wet blanket

How come edamame taste soo much better fresh that dried?

I feel like I've been sucking on peas.

This of course, is to stop me from running to the carbo/candy machine and getting something to eat. I am really hungry today, maybe because I'm tired (up until midnight working on the paper) or just hungry. I did weights this morning and then 25 minutes on the elliptical.

I managed to get two things done this morning that were positive - post office run and the library. However, now I really feel like I'm coming down with what everyone else and their cousin elmer has in this fair city.

Oh well. If I still feel like crap at 3, I'm going home.



Z said...

airborne airborne airborne!!!!

nm said...

didn't I tell you about that?

I have just had some emergencee, the airborne is next.

jk said...

emergencee was on special at my tj's a couple of weeks ago, and i did two box purchase. have i used it? No. I think i need to just sling some into my work bag and drag it in to the office.

Z said...

Oh yeah, you DID tell me about that and I am indebted to you forevah sistah friend. FOR-EV-AH. In fact, I plan to chug some tonight as soon as I get home. It's the best. I avoid it before bed simply because I get kidney stones and I am wary of the vitamin C and that way I can guzzle some water in between...but that stuff...I even make Ev drink it.